What We Offer

Smart Home

Your home can do much more for you. Turn lights on and off with your voice. Have the lights on when you get home. Never use keys again with a smart door lock. Have smart cameras always keeping an eye out for your family. Or, build a stronger, more reliable home internet network with our Ubiquiti products. All products can be installed by a professional.



S&S has security technology in its DNA with over two decades of security camera industry experience. We can install these industrial grade cameras on both residential and business properties.


These products have been handpicked for compatibility and reliability. They are extremely easy installations which the average joe can do. If you do, however, want it installed, we can certainly do so. Installations start at 99$ and are dependent on what and how many products are to be installed. Don't hesitate to get in contact with us about an installation. (DFW Area)


Our goal is to provide our customers with the simplest smart home experience from purchase to installation to daily use. Feel free to use any of our builder tools to construct your very own smart home, network or security camera system! 

Please contact us for installation quotes or questions.

Brands Offered